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Respond to email quicklyI couldn’t agree more with the sentiment expressed by Jami Oetting (@jamioetting) it the June 14 HubSpot post titled 7 Surefire Ways to Annoy Your Clients. If I had a nickel for every time I waited for a response from a vendor or colleague to the point of needing to send a follow up… well I might not be ready to retire but I could certainly put a hefty down payment on the sweet new convertible I’ve got my eye on.

So if this lack of response is annoying and causes huge delays in our work flow as marketing professionals, why would we assume that our clients wouldn’t feel the same way?

So What’s the Hold up?

Our inboxes are overwhelming…

With 205 billion emails sent daily, the average person gets more about 121 emails every day, between work related, personal, direct marketing, and good old spam. (By the Numbers: 60 Incredible eMail Stats) It can become overwhelming to get through all of it on a daily basis, to prioritize, respond, or file/mark for future follow up. Sometimes it’s tempting to just ignore the less pressing, and hope that if “they really need it they will remind us later, or it will just go away…”; but that is unfair to those waiting for your answer.

How do You Tackle Inbox Overload?

…unread messages on my phone or laptop makes me insane.

Overwhelming emailSeeing those bubbles with unread messages on my phone or laptop makes me insane. I empty mine nearly every day. If I can’t provide the full answer, I let the person know that I’m checking into it and give them a date when they can expect a complete response. Then I mark the email with a Star or Label (whatever works in your email provider) for follow up. I also use a task list that I can drag my emails into so that all the information is readily available. This puts a reminder on my calendar for me, as well as having the actual email marked so that I can sort by emails needing follow up.

Some people go with the “Read it, then mark it unread” method, so that they know they still have to deal with all the unread messages. But how do you tell which ones are once read and those that were never ready? And doesn’t seeing 143 Unread Emails fill you with anxiety?

I’d love to hear from you, how do you handle Inbox Overload?

Read the full article: 7 Surefire Ways to Annoy Your Clients.

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