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So What Do You Do?

When asked the inevitable question, “What do you do?”, my answer is “I own Monroe Marketing, a boutique marketing agency,” but what exactly does that mean? When most people hear the word “boutique” they think of a small store selling higher end clothes and accessories, with exceptional service – like one of my awesome clients, StyleFinder Boutique ( However, definitions now include “a small exclusive business that offers highly specialized services or products to sophisticated clientele. Generally, boutique marketing agencies are smaller, more personalized and more cost-effective.

It’s a Whole New World Out There

Marketing is not the same industry it was ten or even five years ago. The business is moving away from traditional tactics, such as billboards and commercials, to more unique strategies like social media campaigns and grassroots events. Boutique agencies, known for their small teams and niche expertise, have sprouted all over the country to accommodate brands’ more distinctive needs.

Right Here in Raleigh.

It’s easy to imagine that it takes a big marketing agency to handle your complex needs. Yet, big agencies can be inefficient and inflexibile. Have you ever tried to find out who is accountable for a particular aspect of your project when it’s been broken down into smaller pieces and spread out amongst various teams or departments? With Monroe Marketing I’ll be your main point of contact, and typically will be handling all aspects of your project. I work with a few select clients to give you the individualized attention you need. If you want something changed, I can quickly adapt since the chain of command is much more direct – hey, I just tell myself to get it done! You also have the flexibility to choose which services you need, instead of signing up for a package that contains services you don’t want or need.

A Boutique Agency like Monroe Marketing can Save You Money.

Monroe Marketing saves you money

Monroe Marketing knows that money doesn’t grown on trees.

Big marketing agencies have big overheads. With big staffs who have big salaries, take vacations and need healthcare benefits. Not to mention the big offices with rent, utilities, and so on. By contrast, I can work anywhere, but mainly from my home or your office (sometimes the beach when the spirit moves me). There is no middle man, when you call you’re speaking directly with the CEO. As a small agency, I’m connected with a consortia of boutique industry professionals (Group19), and when its necessary to find someone with an additional skill set for your project, I hand select the best talent for you: The cost savings logically gets passed down to you.

Boutique marketing firms find creative ways to do it all for less.

You’ll Get A More Creative Approach With Monroe Marketing!

Social Media at Monroe Marketing

Let’s Talk about Social Media Marketing

If you want billboards, magazine spreads and TV spots, you should probably go with a more traditional marketing agency, though I can do those things, they just aren’t necessary for every client. Monroe Marketing specializes in focused brand development, cohesive content marketing, and building your reputation as an expert through strategic use of social media, personal connection marketing and website design. I’m all about smart, inventive marketing that is ever-evolving to capture the public’s attention and solve your most challenging problems. I’m driven by passion and creativity and my agency will grow based on word-of-mouth referrals, so my focus is on delivering creative marketing solutions that “wow” my clients.

Personalization and Passion.

project super woman

Sandi Monroe – Passionate about your business, a Marketing Super Hero.

Don’t waste money on a 500 person global agency when trying to reach an audience right here in North Raleigh. For any targeted campaign, using a local boutique like Monroe Marketing can often deliver significantly higher ROI. I have experience with the specific demographic, better connections with local vendors, and higher subject matter expertise than an agency based 100 miles away. I have coffee with the local printer who will be creating your business cards, and the programmer who will write the code for your next app.

Times and tactics change, which is why you need a flexible marketing firm like Monroe Marketing.