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Design/Project Management

Project Description

The clients secure projects through a detailed proposal submission process, which involves an appropriateness evaluation stage, a production stage, and submission. My role was to manage the process from evaluation of each potential project through submission; including writing copy, layout and design of each proposal, managing workflow of other marketing associates, architects, and vendors; print production and assembly; and culminated with a delivered product. (Due to confidentiality and proprietary information, all images within this project are representative samples to show the type of materials created, and not actual project samples.)

Project Details

Client Architecture Firm
Date 2013-2014
Skills Project Management, Strategy, Print, Copy Writing, Editing


Printed Proposal

Detailed project proposal submissions, similar to the proposal shown at left, were completed for the firm at an average rate of 1-2 per week.

Infographic Design Elements

Using infographics to tell the story of the clients expertise enables them to stand out in a sea of similar applicants.

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