Design Direction

Project Description

When the Agency becomes the client – I had the pleasure of working with a very talented designer on the development of my logo. KPL Designs, owned by Karen Manganillo, worked with me to create a logo that reflects my affinity for the coast and ocean while respecting my desire to remain sophisticated, rather than fall into a cutesy beach theme.
I wanted something abstract, and the design represents both an “M” as well as alluding to waves. Using a diagonal alignment, and reaching outside the circle area indicates my ability to consider options outside the conventional way of thinking, slightly off center, I’m not afraid to try something new and look at things from a different perspective. The forward movement, building upon itself, exudes energy and in the sky above as well as the ocean below shows you feel the depth, breadth, and height that today’s marketing initiatives demand.

My new logo is not only beautifully designed, it has a deeper meaning that resonates with me personally. Exactly what a logo should do.

Project Details

Client Monroe Marketing
Date 2016
Skills Branding, Design Direction

Agency as Client

Working with Karen at KLP Designs was a joy. But it was also a difficult process for me personally. I started out trying to design my logo myself but kept getting stuck, something just wasn’t quite right. I really wanted and needed an outside perspective. Karen brought something fresh that captured my vision in a way that I couldn’t do for myself.

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The Process

The process was interesting. I approached the process with Karen much the same way I would encourage my clients to do so with me. I’m not sure if this is her preferred way to work, but it certainly made me comfortable. By allowing me to bring a large collection of images and swatches of colors that evoked the feelings I wanted to convey, we were able to narrow down my options to a few distinct looks.

Many Versions

Karen provided several versions and after thorough examination of what resonated with me, and how I wanted my agency to be viewed by my clients, we were able to make the final selection. This decision was difficult, since Karen offered several excellent options, each with a very distinct feel.

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